experimental film | 2022

In a stage-like space, a blue-eyed person sits and recites a poem: „I have such blue eyes.“ It is a perfectly rehearsed hymn to their eye-colour and to themself.

But soon, this scene collapses in on itself: Violent images, disfiguring and dehumanising the blue-eyed person, start to intercut. Again and again, their aversion against their own eyes and body rise to the surface, and more and more voices begin to talk over their poetry. – Only when they are close to utter destruction of self do they find a voice from the outside which reminds them with fervour: „I have such blue eyes.“

„Ich habe so blaue Augen“ is an attempt to showcase gender and body dysmorphia in a filmic space.


Writer and Director: Gabriel Kowak

1.AD: Anna Niebert

Setdesign: Katrin Merdian

Cinematography: Leon Golz

Camera Assistants: Lukas Hoffmann, Philipp Rode


Gaffer: Julian Brednich

Electricians: Paul Ader, Julia Hänel

Editor: Sarah Hoffmann

Music: Demian Martin

Sound: Jonathan Scheid

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