short film | 2023

Costa, a person in his early twenties, learns from a fortune teller that he will have a new and exciting romantic encounter with someone in the near future. The idea of this awakens in him a fantasy in which, in an exaggeratedly romanticized setting, a museum, he meets an unknown person with whom he can freely live out his idealized and perfect relationship.

After returning to reality, he realizes his actual situation – a dysfunctional monogamous relationship with his partner, who does not share many interests with him, especially the one that is most important to him – the desire to dream life together.


Written and Directed by Mateja Kardelis

Production: Lena Hohm

Cinematography: Leon Golz

1.AC: Moritz Vetter

2.AC: Lukas Hoffmann, Jakob Hipp

Gaffer: Paul Ader


Electrician: Benjamin Jena, Andi Blind, Alexander Birzele, Leon Streveld, Julian Brednich

Editing: Silvan Marty

Colorist: Hanno Mertin

Sound Design: Jan-Eric Heitland, Elias Gürtler

Film Score: Clemes Gutjahr

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